We suddenly faced the proposition of converting to internal coding and billing when the hospital learned at the eleventh hour that their new software wouldn’t support pro-fee coding and billing. A chance conversation with the managing members of BSA Healthcare at the ACEP Scientific Assembly led us to use their services, without which we would have never gone through methodical deliberations in selecting a coding/billing vendor. The cost savings to us in our selection vastly exceeds the cost of BSA Healthcare’s services. They also provided strong evidence-based guidance in negotiations with our hospital which led to a sound contract satisfying both the hospital, and the group members.

Mark Sampson, MD
Central Oregon Emergency Physicians

We just finished our second review of our practice’s billing and coding procedures with BSA Healthcare, and once again, we were very pleased with their services. After our first consultation, we worked with our billing agency to implement BSA Healthcare’s recommendations, and the results were a significant increase in our collections per patient. With the second review, we found that their suggestions were still being followed and they had additional suggestions to further improve our processes. They are well worth the money spent! I have found them to be exceptionaly well versed in coding and billing processes, and they have improved our bottom line.

Stephen H. Andersen, MD, FACEP
Chief Financial Officer,
Scottsdale Emergency Associates, Ltd.

We have attained the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our operations comply with national standards, and that our services are compensated accordingly. BSA Healthcare is a must for longstanding and newer practices that want to maximize their revenue with the reassurance of complying with federal guidelines.

Jorge Lopez, MD, FACEP 
Florida Emergency Physicians

I can say the billing and coding operations review was the best investment our group has ever made, and with continued input from Drs. Bettinger and Stimler and BSA Healthcare, our practice will be enhanced in all aspects for a long time to come.

Robert Simonson, MD, FACEP
Physicians Care – Methodist Medical Center