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Provider Documentation Training

The first step in ensuring maximum reimbursement for emergency medical provider services is in training providers in the nuances of proper medical record documentation. Poor documentation precludes the ability to code a specific service, and can result in down coding a visit to a lesser code in order to ensure compliance with documentation and coding rules and regulations. 

This webinar will give your providers specialty specific information and tools they can use every day to accurately and completely report emergency medical services. Documentation seminars can be custom tailored for your organization, but routinely include a comprehensive review of:

  • Documentation guidelines and requirements
  • History
  • Physical exam
  • Medical Decision Making
  • Medical Necessity
  • Choice of Principal Diagnosis
  • Procedures
  • Payer Audits
  • Attending and mid-level provider rules.

Coder Training

Coding seminars are delivered on-site and are designed to educate coders, and compliance and reimbursement personnel, in the nuances of specialty-specific coding. Coding seminars can be custom tailored for your organization, but typically include a comprehensive review of: 

  • Evaluation and Management (E/M) code choice
  • Procedure codes
  • Modifiers
  • Diagnostic code choice
  • Critical care
  • Fracture Care codes
  • Observation and ultrasound codes
  • Documentation guidelines