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Accounts Receivable Valuation

Accounts Receivable Review is the process of analysis and workflow necessary to adjudicate invoices that have not been paid within a certain timeframe. Adjudication of AR may lead to payments, disallowances, or write-offs of the original invoice. With the abundance of managed care plans, stricter Medicare and Medicaid regulations, and the need for frequent authorizations for payment, the amount of older AR continues to rise dramatically. BSA Healthcare can help you refine your AR processes and secure proper payment by working closely with your billing agent to identify and correct problems in the collection process.

Revenue Projections Forecasting

A well-forecasted revenue projection provides physician groups with a gauge from which billing performance can be measured and operational issues can be identified. Physician practices without accurate revenue projections face a multitude of problems including over- or under-staffing, inappropriate purchasing, compensation debates among physicians, and inadequate funds for practice management.

BSA Healthcare has extensive experience in formulating accurate revenue projection models. Using proprietary algorithms based upon prior collections combined with expected reimbursement adjustments, we are able to develop accurate patient collections figures and sound revenue projections.