Observation vs. Inpatient Admission

Presented by: Dr. John Stimler, DO, CPC, CHC, FACEP
Total Run Time: 16:36
This webinar is not eligible for CEUs as the total run time does not meet the 30 minute minimum requirement.

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The distinction between placement of a patient into observation services and inpatient admission of a patient is frequently difficult. To make matters even more confusing, patients who are placed in observation often use the same hospital beds when admitted as inpatients. While the patient’s physical location does not determine the patient’s status as inpatient or outpatient, the physician’s orders and the patient’s primary diagnosis do dictate patient status. Topics covered in this webinar include:
● Patient status differences between placement in observation or admission to inpatient status
● Outpatient to inpatient status change
● Inpatient to outpatient status change.