Monitoring Your Billing Company Performance: Metrics You Need To Measure

Presented by: Dr. Jeffrey Bettinger, MD, FACEP
Total Run Time: 50:27

The best medical billing metrics give you an instant snapshot of your practice’s financial health across many interrelated areas. Identifying these key performance indicators is an important step in implementing medical billing best practices. Emergency medicine billing expert Dr. Jeff Bettinger of BSA Healthcare is offering a one-hour webinar that will help participants to identify the most critical metrics that you should be analyzing across different areas of your practice, and why they matter to billing and collections including:

• Identification of the most common causes of lost revenue.
• Understanding and interpreting routine billing reports.
• Identification of billing problems early on, allowing for successful remedial efforts.
• Identification of payer issues, including down-coding and incorrect payments.
• Understanding the role played by ED physicians in maximizing revenue.